Tools to Write Without Distraction

Typewriter Cropped

You know that feeling like you want to just head out to a cabin in the woods and just write? Well you can get a little bit of that with some of these fun devices that let you type without access to things like your email. Your words will be digitized without your mind being distracted.

The Slick Option

Freewrite Smart Typewriter

These things look so cool. It’s basically a writing system that won’t let you get on the internet.

Here’s what they say about it: The Freewrite by Astrohaus is a distraction-free writing instrument designed to help the modern writer get in a flow state and stay there. In a time of buzzing notifications, clickbait headlines, and constant connectivity, the Freewrite provides a rare sanctuary for writing. It’s the first real tool for professional and aspiring writers that is without compromises. It has the best keyboard for writing, the best screen for writing, and saves seamlessly without fuss. Sit down and just write.

At its very core, the Freewrite is designed to be the ultimate drafting machine where one is intended to write drafts top to bottom and edit in a separate session on a computer. By separating these processes like our writing teachers taught us, we see writing productivity skyrocket as much as 2x. What’s the key to writing? Writing more, a lot more. The Freewrite enables you to write at maximum efficiency while also providing an experience that you’ll love.

The Cheap Option

Neo2 Alphasmart Word Processor

People love this little device. The battery apparently lasts forever, it hooks up to your computer with a cord, and it’s light and small enough to take anywhere. You can pretty much only buy them used, but they go for about $30-$50. Much cheaper than the Freewrite.

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