Will AI Take Over Freelance Writing?

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When I decided to become a freelance writer, I knew I was leaving life in a garden to live in the jungle called reality. Today, that reality contains a predator, as far as most writers might be concerned: AI.

What does AI mean for the future of creative writing? I decided to ask it.  

My prompt: “Write about the general academic thoughts about the future of freelance writing in the age of AI.”

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Here’s what it said, plus my thoughts about it.

AI Integration in Freelance Writing:

Academic thought emphasizes that AI integration in freelance writing is inevitable. AI tools can assist in data analysis, content generation, and even in creative writing.

Humans have used technology to assist their writing for centuries, from typewriters to computers and even Grammarly. AI may be the craziest technology we’ve seen thus far, but we should still ask: What’s possible when we work with it?

This doesn’t mean AI should do the fun part! But it can still give you a base to work from, much like free writing.

Changing Skill Sets for Writers:

Writers will need to focus on areas where human creativity and emotional intelligence are paramount, as these are areas where AI still lags behind.

AI use is about identifying when a project needs excellence and when it needs something that’s good enough. Conserve your energy to work on what needs your excellence; let AI handle what can just be good enough.

Impact on Employment and Freelancing:

Freelancers may need to focus on building a unique personal brand and specializing in areas where human touch is indispensable.

A big part of being an essayist is digging deep into your own psyche. Hence why AI writing can’t provide catharsis or confession. (Thank goodness, it also can’t tell a good joke.)

Long-term Prospects and Innovations:

In the long term, the integration of AI in writing is likely to lead to new forms of content and storytelling, blending human creativity with machine efficiency.

Freelancers can’t afford to stay in the dark about the integration of AI. Becoming proficient in this technology means you won’t get left behind by it.

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