What it Means to Connect at Every Level

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“Make yourself at home in a place where where you already are,” said my coaching student Paige, as she welcomed me to her home in New Orleans. There, my book, a card I sent her.

I picked up the book to sign it, and there, a heart drawn next to a passage, underlines, double underlines!

Coaching is such a bonding process. When you work with a single writer for three months, they become more than a client. I’ve seen it over and over, and it’s an incredible part of this work.

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Yesterday, I was telling my trainer Hamilton about how much I loved that I’d been invited to stay at the home of one of my coaching students. I tried to say I love my work, trabajo, but instead, I accidentally said I love mi vida, “I love my life.”

The mix-up felt like a reflection of some truth: I confuse the words because my life and my work aren’t two separate things.

The week’s Powerhouse Writers topic reminded me why. Our session, each named after qualities of a successful freelance writer, was titled “connected.”

Connections form the roots of a thriving freelancer’s life. Water these enough with quality time and deliberate communication, and watch relationships sprout.

These relationships, you’ll notice, are not something AI can do.

The emotionally fraught global events of the past weeks have emphasized to me, now more than ever, how grateful I am to have relationships, with friend/clients, with trainer/friends, with writer/friends.

These connections are two-sided, layered with intentionality and care. They’re important and meaningful for both parties. They make life worth living.

Since I’m at a conference this week, here’s a reminder about the 3 basic levels of connection:

  1. With people at levels above you: The greatest potential here is for these figures to help you as models or mentors. But don’t forget you can provide value to them, too, as a reliable resource and source of perspective.  At the welcome party for this conference last night, someone in this role gave me about 20 minutes of what might otherwise be considered consulting.
  2. With people on your level: You can trade knowledge and give each other tips by saying, “Here’s what I’m learning right now.” This is also a chance to grow with people, so keep in contact and check up! It’s also, you know, nice!, to have a crew.
  3. With people who are coming up: Pass along your knowledge. Here, you not only serve,  but learn. You can discover who’s coming in the industry and who you might even hire one day.

Most importantly, focus on connecting with people with who you actually vibe with. Don’t bring your energy to people you don’t like, no matter their position.

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