My Favorite Writer Toys (and Gifts!)

Field Notes

In my book, I talk about how there’s no need to go nuts buying fancy writerly accoutrements. By fancy, I mean expensive. I do not mean this ridiculous feather pen I got for $12 for my book launch’s Bad Author’s Photo Booth.

After the launch, I mean, I had the pen, so one day I started writing with it. It’s a good pen! I just had to explain myself on a video call when I was gesticulating with it. But it’s just a little thing that brings me joy.


This is the favorite fancy pen on which I spoke. It will add an air of dignity to your prose, and perhaps inspire you to start a note with, “I hope this letter finds you well…”


This little pocket pen never fails to amaze writers. It’s the length of a key and clips into your keyring, but you can telescope it out and feel like a spy. It’s the easiest way I’ve found to make sure I always have a pen on me.


This pen has a light in the pen tip, perfect for those midnight ideas!



Aquanotes are seriously my favorite thing since body wash became a thing. I once wrote 6 pages in the shower. They also work for love notes.



If you can incorporate your writing utensils with your wallet, you’ll never forget them. That’s the idea behind these wallets, and they help me always be prepared. It’s great for places you don’t want to write on your phone, like in the theater.


What’s your favorite writer tool or toy?


Small print: I’m a writer who connects writers with books, programs, and writer toys that make the writing life easier or more fun. As it turns out, people get paid for that. So some of the links I have are affiliate links, which means that, at no cost to you, I get a commission if you click through and buy something. If I recommend something you don’t agree with, just let me know. I stand by everything I suggest as a resource that will help you be the writer you want to be.

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