10 Office Supplies Every Writer Needs at Home

Office Supplies with a Notebook Cropped

I don’t know why it took me so long to realize I could buy things for my home that I’d only used in offices or school. Oh yeah, duh. You can set yourself up at home, if home is your office.

And home is your office, even if you have a day job. You have to respect the craft of your writing by having all the tools at hand you need to get the job done easily.

Here are 10 essentials:

1. Printer

You need a printer. There’s something about printing your words out that makes them so much easier to edit. Luckily, printers are quite cheap these days (it’s the cartridges that get ya). Try the Brother HL-L2300D Monochrome Laser Printer with Duplex Printing. Double-sided prints! At home!

2. Post-it notes

Go nuts. Get the standard ones and then get some that are lined, little, whatever! One of life’s few cheap thrills.

3. Page Flags

You’ll need to mark in books where your favorite places are, etc. These will help, especially if you save money by getting library books.

4. Stapler

Why did it take me so long to realize I needed a stapler, and I didn’t have to be in a cubicle to buy one? Just get one now. Probably the red Swingline from Office Space.

5. Filing box

There is nothing that will make you feel like you’re adulting so hard as owning one of these. Here’s the thing: you need three layers. You need a file box or drawer to keep the files in, the hanging folders to hold the files, and then the actual folders. Get some colorful ones!

One thing you might want to do is get 26 of the hanging folders and label them A-Z, which brings us to…

6. Label maker

As a neurotic with the handwriting of a murderer, I cherish my label maker.

7. Envelopes

You’ll need envelopes for sending big boy mail and for responding to death threats.

8. Stamps

Use some fun but non-cheesy ones. Get the forever kind. If you try to mail something without a stamp it will take you a month to actually get to the store to get stamps.

9. Calendar

Ooh cool, a writer’s calendar. You can put an X through every day you write.

10. Paper Monster

This is what I call my Paper Monster. I put all random paper in it. Receipts, bills, letters I’m too scared to read through the first time I open them. Then every Monday, during my “executive meeting,” I set a timer and I go through it for half an hour, aka, Slay the Paper Monster. I might need googly eyes for it.

Once you have your office set up, you’ll feel so much more empowered to get your creative work done, without having to look for a staple.

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