10 Tools Writers Need for a Healthy Workspace

If you want to be a writer, you want to be writing for the rest of your life. As someone who’s had to wear a wrist brace and endure the bowling jokes of co-workers, I implore you to set yourself up as well as you can afford to from the get-go. If all else fails, I’ve used a crate as a “stand up desk” option, and you can to if need be.

Sitting is the new smoking, standing is the new kale.

Accessories to have:

  • Your laptop will never be at eye level unless you have a stand for it. If you like to work in cafes, this one fits in your backpack. Of course, you’ll also need an external keyboard and mouse if you use it.
  • An ergonomic keyboard that is angled for your hands is wonderful for your wrists. Get one for home and on the go.
  • If you have an external monitor, make sure it’s at eye level with a riser.

Seating Options:

  • Quality chair. Get that lumbar support going.
  • Yoga ball. I love this cover. It makes you look grown up, rather than a kid playing.
  • Standing chair desk. More of a leaning than a sitting option, for only half laziness.

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