Book Recommendation: The Future is Feminist

Who gets to tell the story has an immense effect on what story gets told.

In this stunningly designed book, which I was so lucky to be invited to be a part of, women such as Roxane Gay and Caitlin Moran discuss the importance of telling your own story. I sat down on a Sunday in Seattle and read the entire thing.

Get the book here.

“A star-studded roster of iconic women write powerfully about what it means to be a feminist yesterday, today, and tomorrow. These poets, essayists, activists, actors, and professors address topics ranging from workplace harassment to resting bitch face. The results are by turns refreshing, provocative, moving, and hilarious. A diverse chorus of intersectional voices and a forward-looking stance set this book apart, and its vibrant, textured package makes it a beautiful gift. It’s the smart, covetable anthology that women of all ages will turn to for support and inspiration in the ongoing fight for gender equality.”

What are your favorite books by female authors?

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