Belting “You Won’t Break My Soul” as a Freelance Writer


If you work now as a freelance writer, or dream of working as a freelance writer, I implore you today to pump the volume to irresponsible, and blast Beyoncé’s Break My Soul

You won’t break my soul

It’s so hard to see jobs breaking the souls of the people you love. I can think of more than a few instances of people who had “very good” jobs, but who were being broken by their bosses. 

On every level, there are so many souls out there being broken. 

For me, I often joke that death is my only real boss. We’ve been given this time, and I will not have it desecrated by corporate bullshit, so that someone who makes 200x more than I do can see their net worth bump up a bit more. 

Have you seen the universe? Fuck that. 

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I just fell in love

Sorry, I fell in love with freedom. Oops, I got to experience what life was like unlinked from this extremely boring made-up game. Sorry ‘bout ya luck, I slipped out of the cage and galloped, and I’m gone. 

I just quit my job

Not irresponsibly. I stitched my parachute with a Fuck Off Fund, with a brand I built, with a network I cultivated, with skills I developed in service of my freedom. 

I’m gonna find new drive

I didn’t quit to be lazy, to lie on the couch. Humans need purpose, mastery, and autonomy. And once I gave it to myself, holy shit how unstoppable I became. I did not even realize how much you had tamped me down. 

I’m lookin’ for motivation

Give me work that makes me dig deep. Give me people I’m excited to work with. Give me surroundings that feel human, that feel like me. Give me work that feels like a game that’s up to me to win or lose, and watch how motivated I become. 

And I’m on that new vibration

Rested. Confident. Focused. Committed. Engaged. Alive. Time to see my family. Time to have lunch with my friends. Time for my art. Dancing in the kitchen on my coffee break. 

I’m building my own foundation

Taking care of myself with the business skills I work on every day. Trusting that if I bring value to the world, the world will reciprocate. Setting myself up to receive the abundance that’s out there. 

Because I have something to work hard for. 

If you don’t seek it, you won’t see it

If you don’t think it, you won’t be it

You might just wake your soul.

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